IHC Fundex Piling Equipment
IHC Fundex Piling Equipment
IHC Fundex Piling Equipment

IHC Fundex Compact Piling Equipment

IHC Fundex Vermeer mini piling equipment

IHC Fundex Compact Piling Equipment

IHC Fundex Compact Piling Equipment

  • Quality piling equipment previously known as Vermeer made in The Netherlands by the IHC group
  • Mini piling rigs, for bottom driven tubes with fully automatic highly productive PLC controlled winches
  • Top drive pile driving with choice of IHC hydraulic impact hammers which can be supplied to fit any type of machine including excavators and also freely suspended
  • Specialist high torque compact drilling rigs for displacement piling 
  • Dual purpose compact rigs for bottom driven piling and drilling


IHC Fundex compact piling equipment is manufactured using high quality components including Hatz and Cummins engines, Rexroth hydraulic controls and motors.

Hydraulic fully automatic PLC controlled free-fall winches are standard with IHC Fundex pile drivers resulting in much higher productivity compared to manual machines.

We are the sole distributors for IHC Fundex mini piling equipment in the UK & Ireland.

Please contact us for further information and prices or click on the links below to see videos from IHC Fundex.

Click on the link to download the latest newsletter from IHC Fundex.

Featured here is a photo of two units IHC Fundex CP12D mini piling rigs supplied to Severn Bore Piling who have 4 units in total.

Specifications for the IHC Fundex range of equipment can be found by clicking on the links below:

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