NCB Foundation Equipment
NCB Foundation Equipment
NCB Foundation Equipment

NCB Foundation Equipment

NCB FD800 low headroom kelly rig with rail bogies
NCB FD200 CFA piling rig

NCB Foundation Equipment

NCB Foundation Equipment

High quality, specialist equipment and accessories, manufactured in Italy

  • Large diameter bored piling rigs for working in low headroom
  • CFA piling rigs, displacement piling rigs, bored piling rigs or dual purpose rigs on purpose built base machines or excavators
  • Midi CFA and rotary rigs, excavator mounted, with rail bogies optionally
  • Precast piling rigs with hydraulic impact hammers easily convertible to CFA
  • Pile driving leaders to suit hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes
  • Rapid Impact Compactors for excavators
  • Vertical drain equipment to treat soils to 35 m depth
  • Anchor drills
  • Mini piling rigs with built-in or separate power packs
  • Soil nailing masts for excavators including rail mounted applications
  • Desanding units
  • Casing oscillators, rotators, extractors and hammer grabs
  • Segmental casings and casing joints, 600 mm - 3000 mm diameter
  • Diaphragm wall grabs, both mechanical and hydraulic. Stop ends and extractors
  • Drilling tools, augers, buckets, core barrels, chisels, CFA augers
  • Kelly bars and swivels
  • Tremie pipes and racks
  • Pile croppers up to 1800 mm diameter

NCB manufacture a wide range of quality specialist foundation equipment and accessories at their factory in Venice, Italy. Their heritage originates from the world famous company Brunello. Decades of engineering know how and experience allow them to design machines and drilling tools to customers specific requirements as well as manufacturing every day components such as segmental casings, casing drivers, casing joints, casing shoes, kelly bars, CFA augers and kelly auger drilling tools.

We are the sole distributors for NCB foundation equipment in the UK and Ireland.

Informative videos and specifications sheets are available here for download. NCB specialist rotary, CFA and displacement piling rigs available for rental. Please contact us for further information or prices. 

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