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Telescopic Leader Rig Hire

Telescopic Leader Rig Hire

Telescopic Leader Rig Hire

AGD Rental have the most modern and flexible fleet of telescopic leader rigs for hire in the UK. We have recently invested heavily in the very latest generation of RTG telescopic leader rigs with the most powerful vibratory hammers available in the market including RG16T, RG19T and RG21T models facilitating pile installation of up to 21 m long. We now have 6 machines in our rental fleet.

All of the machines were supplied with the largest 560 kw engines, most powerful 150 tons vibrators and the state of the art Automatic Coupling System which facilitates ultra quick changeover of attachments without the need for any intervention by the operator or any working at height.

Pictured here is one of our RTG RG21T telescopic leader rigs with MR150AVN resonance free variable moment vibrator installing 9 m long pairs of Z sheet piles in Withernsea, Humberside through stiff clays without the need for pre-augering. Click on the link below to see a video of the machine in action.

The flexibility of the RTG telescopic leader rig system allows us to offer in addition to standard vibratory hammers; leader rig mounted pile presses for 700 mm wide Z piles or 600 mm wide U profile sheet piles, rotary heads for pre augering and CFA piling up to 750 mm diameter, double head rotary systems for installing contiguous and secant piles through difficult soil conditions using cased CFA technology (also known as CSP), twin paddle soil mixing systems for large diameter soill mixed column installation, ground improvement and soil mixed cut off or retaining walls. They may also be used for CMC displacement piling and vibro stone columns.

For secant wall and contig wall installation due to the slim design of the specialist Eurodrill twin rotary head the RTG telescopic leader rig can work within 2" of an adjoining wall thus maximising the amount of basement space created. Download our brochure for further details.

All of our telescopic leader piling rigs are available for hire with experienced CPCS qualified operators, banksmen, concrete pump and mixing plant operators as required.

Our centrally located facility in the heart of the Midlands allows us to offer competitive mobilisation costs for telescopic leader rig hire throughout the UK and Ireland.

We welcome enquiries for telescopic leader rig hire from anywhere in the European Union.

You may download specification sheets for our fleet of telescopic leader piling rigs, twin rotary heads, CFA piling rotary heads, sheet pile presses and slurry mixing plants for hire below.

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