Fambo excavator mounted piling attachments sold to Steel Pile Installations

9 Sep 2010, 6:12 PM

Nationwide piling contractor Steel Pile Installations recently took delivery of a new excavator mounted Fambo HR2750 piling hammer complete with PR1100 leader. The equipment was fitted onto one of SPI's New Holland E385 hydraulic excavators.

Pictured here back driving sheet piles interlocked with tubular piles for a combi wall the hammer has a ram weight of 2750 kgs with 28500 nM of energy and a stroke of 1.2 m. Fambo's specially designed lead filled hammer bodies are extremely efficient as the "dwell" time of the piston on the anvil is greater compared to steel resulting in a greater level of energy transfer to the pile.

Fambo hammers are suitable for driving pre cast concrete, steel tubular, H section, timber and sheet piles and are available with ram weights from 500 to 10000 kgs.

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