CFA / FDP Piling Rigs
CFA / FDP Piling Rigs
CFA / FDP Piling Rigs

CFA / Displacement Piling Rig Hire

CFA  and displacement Piling Rig Hire

CFA / Displacement Piling Rig Hire

AGD Rental were the first piling equipment hire company in the UK to offer CFA piling rigs for rent and we have continued to do so for 25 years.

We now have a fleet of 17 units of CFA & displacement piling rigs from restricted access midi Soiltek S80-CFA machines weighing just 20 tons right up to 120 tons RTG RG25S machines which can install up to 1000 mm CFA piles to a maximum depth of 35 m. All of our rigs are fitted with tier 4 and tier 5 engines.

Concrete monitoring systems, concrete pipework and gates for common diameters all come as standard with our CFA / displacement piling rig fleet. Piling data is downloaded daily and emailed to customers as required.

We also offer the Soiltek S80-CFA as a compact pre auger rig which are particularly suited to vibro stone column and sheet piling contractors. These small piling rigs can be set up for work very quickly after arriving on site and are also ideal for king post retaining walls.

Pictured here is an NCB FD200. This machine is very powerful with a 20 ton metre torque rotary head. It can drill 360 degrees around the tracks, has 8 tons pull down and a cylinder inside the mast which facilitates piling 1 m above or below ground level. The tier 4 & 5 engines makes it perfect for London, HS2 or other inner city areas. This machine is also designed for full displacement piling and rigid inclusions for ground improvement. Click on the videos below to see it in action constructing both CFA secant piles and displacement piles. 

Click on the thumbnail to see an RTG RG16T with MB100 rotary head installing CMC columns (also known as rigid inclusions) for Vibro Menard in Derby.

All of our CFA & displacement piling rigs are available for hire with experienced CPCS qualified operators and banksmen as required.

Our centrally located facility in the heart of the Midlands allows us to offer competitive mobilisation costs for CFA piling rig hire throughout the UK.

We are also happy to receive enquiries to supply CFA / displacement piling rigs on hire anywhere in Europe.

Additionally we offer for hire complementary items such as CFA augers up to 900 mm diameter, displacement augers, rigid inclusions augers, tremie racks and core barrels. We also hire out piling rigs with twin rotary heads for cased CFA piling (also known as CSP). Due to the slim design of the twin rotary head these machines can work within 4" (100 mm) of an adjoining wall thus maximising the amount of basement space created. These RTG rigs can also be supplied with CFA rotary heads for standard CFA piling. Click here for further details.

You may download specification sheets for our fleet of CFA / displacement piling rigs for hire below.

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