Giken Super Crush Silent Piler System and Crawler Crane on hire to King Piling in London

4 Nov 2012, 12:57 PM
Giken ECO700S Super Crush silent piler London

Specialist sheet piling contractor King Piling recently hired from us a Giken ECO700S Super Crush silent piling system to install up to 14.5 m long AZ37-700 single sheet piles through dense gravels and Thanet sands on a very restricted access site along the River Thames in London for the Environment Agency.

Access to the site was very difficult but we suceeded to mobilise one of our 80 tons capacity IHI DCH800 crawler cranes to service the silent piler. The crane was offloaded and rigged in the road at night time and then used to offload all of the delivery lorries and assemble the silent piler.

The patented Giken Super Crush system utilises an auger and casing within the sheet pile to simultanteously auger and press the sheet pile to depth. This system enables sheet piling to be carried out in soil conditions such as these river terrace gravels and Thanet sands where normal pile pressing would not be possible.

The job was carried out to the full satisfaction of the client within the anticipated timescale.

Update! Ivor King were so impressed with the Giken ECO700S, they decided to buy one!

Aerial view of the site below:


Aerial view of Giken ECO700S Super Crush Piler in London

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