AGD and Ivor King working together to deliver a complex sheet piling project in London

27 Sep 2018, 3:39 PM
Sheet piling specialists

AGD Equipment and Ivor King Piling working together to deliver a complete sheet piled retaining wall installation at New River, Wood Green, London.

The project involves the extraction of existing piles along the embankment, dredging of the river and installation of sheet piles alongside both banks of the river.

Ivor King have set up a floating excavator on top of some pontoons, the purpose of which is to extract any existing sheet piles using an EMV along the embankment and then to dredge the river ahead of the sheet pile installation.

For this job two Giken F301 silent pilers were selected to press the 7 m long EZ18-700 sheet piles silently in order to minimise the noise and disruption to neighbouring properties.

The silent pilers are serviced by a Marchetti Sherpina 25 tons telescopic crawler crane which is sitting on temporary works straddling the river supported by the previously installed sheet piles. The temporary works were designed and fabricated by Ivor King and comprises steel mats which are moved with the crane from the back to the front of the structure as the silent pilers advance.

A larger Marchetti Sherpa 70 tons telescopic crawler crane is placed at the start of the job where it is utilised to unload lorries with pile deliveries which are then loaded on to pontoons and moved up river to the smaller crane with a workboat.

The whole operation is working very well and as the distributor of both Giken and Marchetti products it is a true example of collaboration and partnership that is helping to deliver this complete project successfully.

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