AGD provides one stop shop for JN Piling at Werrington

11 Mar 2020, 7:01 PM

We are currently involved in a rail improvement project at Werrington, Near Peterborough for JN Piling. The contract involves installing 10 m long pairs of AZ26 sheet piles through very stiff clays in between the tracks while trains are in use.

Two RTG telescopic leader rigs were chosen for the piling. An RG16T for pre augering, and an RG19T for installation of the sheet piles using a 150 tons resonance free variable moment vibrator. Two 70 tons telescopic crawler cranes were also required for servicing the project. Two Sennebogen 673Rs were selected. One for unloading and loading sheet piles in the steel yard and the other for unloading at the site between the railway tracks.

The sheet piles are transported between the yard and the work site during possession each Saturday night via tractors and trailers also provided by us. And then distributed along the pile line using the 673R crane on site.

We were able to supply all the plant and operators to handle this project efficiently. As all of our piling rig operators can also operate crawler cranes and some can even drive tractors too! Thus negating the need for each machine to have its own operator as pile distribution is going on at different times to pile installation.

The job is progressing well. After the sheet piles there was also a requirement for some 833 mm diameter tubes to be installed which the RG19T carries out using a twist bar attachment fabricated in our fabrication shop, see photos and video below. Finally some sheet piles were installed under a bridge using one of our SMS side grip vibros.


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