AGD supplies two crawler cranes at Battersea

11 Jun 2020, 12:18 PM

Recently we supplied two crawler cranes to Ivor King Piling for a job they were doing in Shuttleworth Road, Battersea, London.

The contract was to install a sheet pile retaining wall directly alongside the railway line in order to free up land for Network Rail to utilise for development. The site was extremely small and required he right size cranes to be selected for the space constraints.

The contractor used two Giken super crush silent pilers to install the sheet piles, and we supplied two crawler cranes to service them. Each crane has to pitch piles for the silent pilers to install, along with other duties such as unloading piles from delivery lorries, lifting the Giken etc.

The cranes supplied were as follows:-

Sennebogen 6100HD – 100 tons lattice boom crawler crane with virtual wall system and tilting / raising cab

Chosen for the heavy lifts and ability to reach to the furthest points of the site

Marchetti Roma – 55 tons telescopic boom crawler crane with virtual wall system and tilting cab

Chosen for the ability to work with its tracks retracted in a very tight corridor to service the silent pilers with piles.

Both cranes needed virtual wall systems to prevent working within the close proximity of the live railway line.

The job took about 4 weeks and progressed very well. We supplied both cranes with our own fully trained and directly employed operators.

Click here to download a case study of the job.

AGD Equipment are the UK & Ireland distributors for both Sennebogen and Marchetti cranes.


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