Giken GRB system "flown" into Langley station

28 Feb 2019, 5:30 PM
Giken F201 silent piler

We've been busy over the past few weeks and weekends for Universal Piling at Langley station, near Slough in Berkshire. The task was to install a line of 8 m long L606 'U' profile sheet piles alongside a railway line through tough soil conditions in extremely restricted access.

The equipment selected for the task was:

Giken F201 silent piler with EU300 stage 4 power pack mounted on UR1 unit runner (to facilitate the power pack travelling on top of the previously installed sheet piles as there is no space for it to track alongside)

Giken CB2-5 7 tons capacity clamp crane (the crane "walks" along the previously installed sheet piles behind the Giken F201 once again due to lack of access for a standard crawler crane to work).

Giken AT120 water jet pump and tank

Giken JR22 super jet reel (water jetting equipment required to assist with penetrating the tough soils to suceed in installing the piles to the required level)

The first hurdle was to lift the equipment into the site from a compound over the station perimeter fence. This had to be done during possession hours on Saturday nights. Once in to site the Giken F201 installed the first few piles using a mobile crane to pitch the piles, and then the clamp crane was lifted in and continued along the line behind the silent piler until the job was completed. Once the last pile was in the clamp crane and F201 silent piler "walked back" along the previously installed piles and were lifted back out during another weekend possession.

All in a days (and nights) work for the AGD team!

If you have a sheet piling project with access problems or hard soils, Giken offers the right solution. Contact us for sales or rental enquiries.

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