Giken GRB system installs piles at Hampstead Ponds

9 Jul 2016, 4:19 PM
Giken GRB system installing piles at Hampstead Ponds

A Giken GRB system has just sucessfully installed a 200 linear metre wall of 7 m long U profile sheet piles at Highgate no 1 pond, on Hampstead Heath, Camden, London for CMP-Barker. The equipment comprised a brand new Giken F301 silent piler recently supplied to Ivor King Piling for installing the piles silently and without vibration, along with a Giken CB2-5, 7 tons clamp crane for pitching the piles. In addition a Giken TB3 pile runner was used to deliver the piles to the clamp crane in severely restricted access. We also supplied a 50 tons telescopic crawler crane for unloading piles from delivery lorries and for loading them on to the pile runner. Once the piles were installed the Giken F301 then "walked back" to the start of the pile line using a Giken AM78 walk back device. As you can see from the photos there was very little space, issues with trees and no opportunity to use a conventional crane to distribute and pitch the piles making the Giken GRB system eminently suitable for the job.

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