Marchetti Truck Cranes
Marchetti truck cranes
Marchetti Truck Cranes

Marchetti Truck Cranes

Marchetti MTK35 35 tons truck crane

Marchetti Truck Cranes

Marchetti have been manufacturing mobile cranes for over 60 years. Their modern factory in Piacenza, Italy covers an area of 150,000 square feet, of which 52,500 square feet is covered.

Marchetti's range of mobile cranes includes telescopic crawler cranes and truck cranes from 35 tons to 180 tons capacity. All cranes have swingaway jibs available as options and all models may be fitted with man baskets to convert the crane to a MEWP in full compliance with EN280 and the CE/CA directive.

Click on the thumbnails to see photos of a MTK40 sold to A-Lift Crane Hire and MTK35 sold to another UK customer. 

Marchetti truck crane versions are mounted on a standard commercial truck chassis which has several distinct advantages:

Customer has the choice of truck chassis manufacturer and can choose left hand drive or right hand drive

  • Local parts and service availability for the chassis
  • Cost savings as a result of utilising a high volume production chassis rather than a bespoke unit
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Half the fuel consumption of a comparable all terrain crane
  • Standard truck tyres that cost much less to replace than all terrain tyres
  • Less downtime resulting in better utilisation
  • Choice of 35 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons & 180 tons capacities
Marchetti MTK60 60 tons truck crane
You may download specification sheets for the Marchetti range of truck cranes below and watch some informative videos of the factory, a 5 axle truck mounted crane, a 180 tons MTK180L Scania chassis being operated from the crane cab and videos of a 60 tons MTK60 truck crane.




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