RTG RG16T "squeezes" through gap in Warrington for DWM

2 Apr 2012, 10:49 AM

An RTG RG16T telescopic leader rig was squeezed into a site in Warrington last week for sheet piling contractor DWM Plant. The narrow transport width of just 3.0 m was just about inch perfect for this particular site. Once safely inside the machine installed 250 number 9 m long L604 sheet piles in just one week, with a 105 tons resonance free variable moment vibrator.

The piles are being used as temporary support for an attenuation tank which is being installed as part of a flood alleviation scheme. The main contractor is Harry Fairclough and DWM are their specialist sheet piling sub contractor installing and extracting the piles and carrying out the bulk excavation works.



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