Telescopic crawler crane on hire erecting wind turbine in Stratford upon Avon

15 Oct 2012, 10:19 AM
Telescopic crawler crane on hire erecting turbine in Stratford upon Avon

AGD were recently called upon to assist with lifting a wind turbine into place on some agricultural land at Snitterfield, Warwickshire, just 2 miles from our Stratford upon Avon facility. The contractor involved wanted a contract lift so we carried out the job through Bromsgrove Crane Hire who were able to supply the necessary Appointed Person, Banksman and insurance.

After a site visit by our Technical Manager Bob Rosindale. the 9 tons capacity Hitachi ZX180LCT telescopic crawler crane was selected as being the ideal machine for the job, owing to it's 13 m long boom and low ground bearing pressure, as the crane had to travel through a field to gain access.

The job went well over 2 days and offered the contract substantial savings over using an all terrain crane which would have required a considerable amount of track way in order to reach the area where the turbine was to be erected.
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