60 years since AGD bought their first crawler crane!

10 Nov 2018, 3:02 PM

Today we are celebrating 60 years since we bought our first crawler crane. The 10RB in the top picture shows where it all started in 1958. Then we have the ubiquitous 22RB. These cranes were our meat and gravy for 20 years. This one is on a site in Nottingham in 1971. Then we show off our first telescopic crawler crane. The IHI CCH300T entered our fleet in 1996 and also delivered loyal service for 20 years until being replaced in 2016 by the Sennebogen 643R. These and the Marchetti Sherpina models now make up the meat and gravy in our rental fleet of more than 60 cranes.

And so as times change many things remain the same. AGD have always been at the forefront of technology continually investing in equipment, purpose built premises and staff.

If you are looking to hire or buy your next crawler crane why not contact AGD? We've been doing them for 60 years and are proud of your heritage. #OrangeCranes #Longevity #Reliability

You may also download some brochures from our archives below to learn more about our heritage:

General brochure from 1975

General brochure from 1996

Rental brochure from 2000

General brochure from 2018

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